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A Special Thanks to recent donors:

We are registered with Kroger as a Community Rewards organization. Please visit the Kroger Community Rewards page and choose us as your organization. We are listed as SPECIAL OLYMPICS DELAWARE CO., organization number SA652. If you search for SA652, you will find us right away.


We are always looking for more coaches! We have many great coaches already, but we can always use more help. Adults, college students, high school students -- families with adults and kids who want to help -- there's a place for you to help.

All coaches are required to complete:

These are minimal requirements of International Special Olympics. Contact us if you are interested or see the Special Olympics Ohio become a coach page.


You can reach the entire committee by sending email to

Connie Warner Local Coordinator
Tiff Bowen Family and Outreach Representative, also Bocce, Basketball, and Soccer Coach.
Jim Conger IT and Admin, also team dad for athletics and aquatics.
John Edgerton Athlete Representative and Assistant Coach
Jennifer Hinkle Community Representative and Bowling Coach
Frank Hinkle Community Representative and Bowling Coach
Dr. Scott Kurzer Community Representative and Medical Advisor
Jen Moore Uniform and Equipment Manager, Social Media Manager, Photographer, and Fundraising

We are always looking for new committee members. If you would like to help guide the future of SODCOH please send an email!


Changes are still going on at the state level. If you need anything from the state organization, send Connie an email.


We still need a fundraising committee. It would require only a few hours a month, less if more than one person volunteers. It really isn't as bad as it sounds.

Please sign up for the Kroger Community Rewards program. We currently receive $250-300 every three months — with only 27 households participating. We can do better! If we can double that number, we can double what we receive and we have hundreds of athletes so we should have hundreds of households that could join the program.

If you have any connections or ideas about grants we should apply for please let Connie know.


Athletes, Families and Friends,

Thank-you to everyone that has helped SODCOH in the last six months. And, thank-you to all of the long time volunteers that I can count on. Things appear to be going forward in a more positive way. All the effort is recognised and appreciated.

We have one coach for most sports. An assistant and team parent would be very helpful. When more than one volunteers, it lightens what the coaches need to do and more time can be spent with each athlete. Please volunteer. It will make for a better experience for everyone, especially our athletes

I am again pleading with you to help the Advisory Committee in forming a fundraising committee. This is a very time consuming thing for me with all my other duties. We are getting by because we have not had the same expenses as in the past. I would greatly appreciate the help.

Finding places to practice and possibly schedule competitions has been very difficult. Before the pandemic I had a list of connections for nearly every sport. After, many of my contacts have changed. If you have connections, please share them

Our athletes have been through a lot of challenges lately. Let's give them the best we can moving forward

Connie Warner BS Ed.
Local Coordinator


Ohio Wesleyan Bishop Logo We were back that the Ohio Wesleyan University pool for aquatics this seaseon. We appreciate their support!


Please visit our web site, for more and current information, including our calendar.

You can contact us by: